True Identity: The Radical Reclamation of the True Self through 12 Reflections from Nature

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True Identity: The Radical Reclamation of the True Self through 12 Reflections from Nature

Dawn Richerson Books
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The photographs in this book are part of the Radical Reclamation Series and the Nature of Life Reflections Collection, which offers an exploration of what it means to come to fully to your LIFE and Live In Full Expression. The twelve photographs from nature and corresponding reflections in this book comprise the “True Identity Project.”

This series of photos from the soul for the soul and project came about through the exposing of lies that have too long obscured from me my own true identity and kept me bound by cycles of shame and suffering. The intent of this project was to provide an evocative and in-the-moment interpretation of new truth statements about my identity as a child of God and reframe my self-talk.

In the book and online journey, we'll explore True Success, True Belonging, True Peace, True Wisdom, True Originality, True Love, True Healing, True Grace, True Compassion, True Simplicity, True Value, and True Capability with reflections on the following truth statements intended to reconnect you with your true self and what matters most. 

• I Am a Shining Light

• I Am an Integral Part of the Whole

• I Am the Calm Within the Storm

• I Am Knowing, Known by Heart

• I Am Uniquely Beautiful

• I Am Loved as I Am

• I Am a Minister of Reconciliation

• I Am Held in Love

• I Am Kind and Loving

• I Am Easy to Be With

• I Am a Jewel Beyond Compare

• I Am Fully Equipped to Thrive 

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