Awakening the World Within • Cultivating Essence Book 1

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LifeSeeds Collection / Cultivating Essence Series

Awakening the World Within is the first in a three-book series with expanded exploration of Cultivating Essence from the Matrix of Soul: Sustainable Systems for Flourishing Humanity

When we dare to awaken, risking the inward journey to the very essence of our being, worlds of wonder open to us. Awakening the World Within invites us into an exploration of what it means to cultivate essence from the matrix of soul. Readers are invited into a journey of the soul, awakening to the Essential Self by exploring core passages through SEEDS practices and questions. 

We begin from the center stillpoint of all creation that resides at our core, connecting deeply and often. We find our bearings, listening for the music of our souls, reorienting our lives to what is most essential and grounding in the Essential Truth of who we are.


* Core passages with specific pathways for coming to LIFE and Living In Full Expression. Each core passage reflects a particular way forward, supporting soul restoration at the individual level so that we can create sustainable systems for flourishing humanity. In this book, we explore the first 39 "seeds for life" from the Lifeseeds Core Curriculum exploring the path of Soul Exploration for a whole new way of seeing yourself as LIGHT

* Introduction to SEEDS Practices - Soulful Exploration for the Essential Discovery of the Self to awaken the world within for a whole new beginning in life and life's work

* Essential thoughts and personal reflection from the author's SEEDS journal related to daily lifeseeds for awakening the world within

* Essential Quest-ions for your own SEEDS journaling practice to support you as you explore each of the life action pathways shared

* Soul Essence Art {SEA} Doodles related to each of the 39 lifeseeds explored in this book

Connect to more resources and online life courses, journeys, and experiences in the Life Path Online Learning Center

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Awakening the World Within • Cultivating Essence Book 1

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