From the Heart of a Child: Meditations for Everyday Living

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From the Heart of a Child: Meditations for Everyday Living

Dawn Richerson Books
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Meditations for Everyday Living
Healing Streams Collection / Gift and  Inspirational Series

From the Heart of a Child includes the author's thoughts on life and faith, inspired by the author's everyday experiences as a single parent of a young child. These ordinary moments became extraordinary lessons that brought Richerson in touch with her deep faith.


This collection of devotional thoughts can be your companion along your faith journey. Each meditation weaves together words and images inspired by the amazing insights of a child. Most of the ideas originated with my son—a priceless gift from God, greater than I could ever imagine.

My husband Tim and I were amazed, as most first-time parents are, at Luke’s intuitive sense of the world from the time he was a baby. Now as a single parent, I have watched him grow into an inquisitive six-year-old who is learning more about God’s love and everyday life.

Life has thrown some curve balls at us. Since my divorce a little more than four years ago (at the time this was written), I’ve moved three times, landed my dream job and left it behind, started my own business, laughed and cried, won some and lost some. But I’m still in the game.

The joyful and challenging experience of parenting Luke has given me a wonderful opportunity to re-examine the roots of my own faith. God continues to use His words to touch me, to teach me, to inspire me, and to uplift me. I pray that I might return to God a portion of what He has given me through Luke by writing this book. Know that it comes straight from the heart, and consider the pages that follow as our gift to you.

—Dawn Richerson

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