Testament: 12 Books of Love and a Single Story 1,000+ Collected Poems by Dawn Richerson

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Testament: A Half-Life in Poems includes 12 books of poetry or "books of love" as the poet refers to them. These 12 books comprise a single story of a life of love. These are the collected poetic works from age 11 through 55, a 44-year period of preparation for all that is to come in the author's life. Included in this collection of poetry from Dawn Richerson are the following previous volumes of poetry:

• Thirty: Poems from My First 30 Years

• From the Outside Looking In: Reflections of a Dying Love

• Among the Birches: Poems of a Love Unspoken

• The Color of My Tears: Poems on Seeing through the Pain

• Illusionary Light: Poems and Conversations with God, Myself and Anyone Else Who Cares to Listen In

• Shot of Reality: Poems and Six Movements of Grace ©

• Blinding Light: Poems from the Edge of a Sudden Dark

• Whole: Poems for the Journey Back to Sacred Wholeness

• Awake: Poems for a World Emerging

• Written in the Stars: Poems of a Love Eternal

• Coming Clear: Poems of Reaching for Rainbow

• Meet You There: Poems from the Fields of Forever

Testament is a compilation of poems from the soul for the soul written from within the moment of life’s varied experiences. Poems are loosely organized according to poetry collections previously released, though some selections have been reordered from the original publications. Written from age 11 to 55, the poems are fragments from my life’s essential story and stories remembered and imagined. Many trace the story of a love larger than life. Most poems are raw, real, and remain unedited as I believe there is value in honoring the full breadth of human emotion and experience. We learn from ourselves and from each other, from the threads of story that connect us one to the other.

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Testament: A Half-Life in Poems / 12 Poetry Books by Dawn — Collected Poems by Dawn Richerson

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Testament: 12 Books of Love and a Single Story 1,000+ Collected Poems by Dawn Richerson

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